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KeySpan Corporation is now part of National Grid USA, following National Grid's purchase of the utility provider in 2006. National Grid serves Keyspan's former territory of metro New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island), as well as other service areas in New York state and the Northeast states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

National Grid USA

The utility operates over 9,000 miles (14,000 km) of electricity transmission and delivers electricity and natural gas to areas of the Northeast states of Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island serving over 3.3 million customers with electrical power and 3.4 million customers with natural gas. National Grid USA is currently headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts in a 300,000-square-foot (28,000 m2) LEED certified "green" facility. National Grid sold off its services in New Hampshire after their request to increase gas and electric rates was denied. The US subsidiary carries out its business through a number of subsidiary companies (all doing business as "National Grid"). The main ones are:

  • New England Power Company
  • Massachusetts Electric Company (in Massachusetts)
  • Nantucket Electric (in Massachusetts)
  • The Narragansett Electric Company (in Rhode Island)
  • Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (in New York State)
  • KeySpan Corporation (parts of New York City)
  • Boston Gas Company (including the former Essex Gas Company in Massachusetts)
  • Colonial Gas Company (in Massachusetts)